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Bamboozinho - that it's meaning "little bamboo" in Portuguese - is a Brazilian publishing house focused on high quality illustrated books for children.

Bamboozinho's goal is to introduce new authors and illustrators and make sensitive, full of information and fantasy books that will bring that wonderful feeling of discovery when we found pleasure learning something that we did not know before.

And more, Bamboozinho also wants to combine editorial tradition with new technologies, developing digital products for each one of our books. So the readers don't need to choose between paper or tablet: with Bamboozinho's books he has both and his reading will be more enjoyable and fun. We make unique books that remain in the minds of our readers as a valuable source of knowledge and entertainment.

We maintain global rights on all the books.

Are you interested? Do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail.

We would be more than happy to provide you with reading copies as well as further information.

Best regards!

Aloma Carvalho, CEO Publisher
whatsapp + 55 11 99942 0573

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